alcohol interventionist in pennsylvania

Alcohol Interventionist in Pennsylvania

Intervention365 has performed countless alcohol interventions across the nation and is a top alcohol interventionist in Pennsylvania for people struggling with alcoholism.  Millions of Americans are struggling with an alcohol use disorder and not seeking out help, and intervention is often always done.  The average alcoholic believes they can stop drinking at any time and have their problem under control.  Yet, this is never the case and alcoholism always progressively becomes worse.  Friends and family who are seeing this happen feel compelled to approach the person and discuss how their alcoholism is affecting everyone around them.  However, an alcoholic will not see this and will believe his or her actions are not affecting the people around them, and everything is under control. 

When an individual’s alcohol abuse is affecting others around them, such as their family, friends, spouse, work-life, and social life, it is time to organize an intervention with the best alcohol interventionist in Pennsylvania.  It is never too early to intervene, and the process can happen quickly.  When you first contact Intervention365, our interventionists will spend the time with you on the phone, answer all your questions, and go over the details of the intervention.  When we first arrive in your city or town, the first day is spent with the family and is an education day.  The next day the intervention will happen, and the alcoholic is then escorted to treatment.  Everything happens relatively quickly, but it involves extensive organization and planning.  Alcoholics tend to be resistant to the idea of help and treatment but with our experience as one of the top alcohol interventionist in Pennsylvania and other cities in the country the interventionist must stand firm with the bottom line.

Are Alcohol Interventions successful?

Yes, an intervention for an alcoholic can be successful but requires planning and a specific process.  It is not uncommon for family or friends to attempt to intervene without any professional help.  However, this is not a successful approach, because there are often always people there who are enabling the addict, and who are easily manipulated.  A professional interventionist is the necessary third party to help ensure the family is prepared and the alcoholic goes to treatment.  Simply performing an alcohol intervention on the spot without planning is not successful. Using the intervention to express anger and frustration at the person will only make it impossible to get them to go to treatment.  You should not expect the person to agree with everything that is being said.  As well, you should not view the intervention as a method to force the person into treatment against their wishes. 

The intervention process is about expressing how their addiction has affected your life and the life of the alcoholic.  This is done with a written impact statement, and the people at the intervention are those who are influential to the addict and do not create antagonism.  If the addict does say no, the consequences must be severe.  These consequences or the bottom line are not there to force them to go, but to show the alcoholic that the family means business.  An intervention should never be viewed as a last resort, especially for alcoholism.  Early intervention saves lives, and that is the point, to save the life of the alcoholic.  It is important for family and friends to realize that alcohol addiction is a serious problem, which does become worse.  Enabling the addict does not help, and waiting for them to hit some type of rock bottom is never effective.  The intervention process is the best way to get an alcoholic committed to treatment and taking that first step.  Intervention365 will help your family plan, organize, and conduct a professionally done intervention.  

Once the intervention is completed and the addict goes to recovery he or she will be introduced to the 12 step to recovery program from AA.

I know that these times are challenging for all of us and that’s why I am now able to offer a way to pay on time if you don’t have medical coverage.  If you would like to set up low monthly payments for my Intervention services please click on button below.

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James Reidy

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