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intervention service areas

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Role of an Intervention Specialist

All too often, it is thought that the role of an intervention specialist is to “just talk” your loved one into treatment. And all too often as well, it is Dad or other family members who think they are the ones who can do it. If that were true, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, and your loved one would be in a treatment center right now.

Speaking to your loved one about treatment and recovery is only one part of several things that must be done to help raise the chance of success. The intervention is not just about, “OK, they said yes to treatment, so now what do we do?”

Before the intervention ever gets off the ground, we put together every piece of the puzzle for you and your family so that not only is the intervention successful, but you understand how the situation became this way and how to prevent it from ever getting this way again. It’s about understanding what to do before, during and after the loved one accepts help and is escorted by us to treatment.

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