Pennsylvania Interventions

Pennsylvania Intervention

Intervention365 is a nationwide drug and alcohol intervention company that provides families with resources all across the country. Pennsylvania intervention is just one of the services we offer, ensuring that residents are provided with the best options for themselves and their loved ones. Even with larger metro areas such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the surrounding areas, unfortunately, have limited resources for effective alcohol and drug addiction help.

Because we provide Pennsylvania intervention frequently, we are able to help you and your loved one not only with intervention but also with the appropriate treatment center for your loved one’s specific needs. Pennsylvania intervention requires a counselor coming to your location and meeting with you and the rest of the family prior to meeting with your loved one needing addiction help. The addict or alcoholic is not part of the first day of the intervention because of the necessary preparation required to help ensure a successful outcome. When preparing during the family day, it is extremely important that all family members agree on what needs to change and what enabling behaviors need to stop to ensure a successful Pennsylvania intervention.

One of the more difficult parts of preparing for Pennsylvania intervention is that oftentimes, not all of the family is located in Pennsylvania, requiring key family members to travel in to assist in the intervention. It is important that as many family members as possible be part of the intervention because this is just as much for the family as it is for your loved one suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Pennsylvania

Because of our nationwide availability, we are able to assist with an intervention in Pennsylvania very quickly. Pennsylvania residents needing help have limited access to actual intervention companies. Due to the complexity and training required to perform a drug or alcohol abuse Intervention, it is not always common for people to find local help or any help at all in their own state. Performing an intervention in Pennsylvania is very common for our group because of limited local access to intervention professionals in the state. An intervention in Pennsylvania is performed in the comfort of your own home, working with you and the rest of the family to ensure that you are getting the best education on addiction and intervention as well as the proper treatment options for your loved one. When doing an intervention in for drug and alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania, we almost always recommend longer term treatment away from home. Also, with limited treatment options in the state of Pennsylvania, we quite often bring your loved one to a treatment center that is out of state.

After retaining our services for an intervention in Pennsylvania, we walk you through every step of the intervention process as well as the treatment selection. Our goal is to ensure that the family and the addict or alcoholic never have to go through the pain that addiction causes ever again. When we do an Intervention in Pennsylvania,  Intervention365 is dedicated to providing you with all the tools necessary to bring your loved one back from addiction and turn your hope into actual reality.

TV’s ‘Intervention’ is set in Philadelphia. Does it sensationalize the city’s opioid crisis?

When the trailer for the new season of the reality show Intervention dropped last month — promising a series focused entirely on the opioid crisis in Philadelphia — reaction from the city’s harm-reduction community was swift. “Don’t really know where to start with what a dumpster fire this is,” Jillian Bauer-Reese, an assistant professor at Temple University who teaches a journalism class on covering addiction, wrote on Twitter.

The long-running reality show, whose 20th season premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. on A&E, long has courted controversy. The show follows people in active addiction through their daily lives, then stages an intervention with family members, stirring charges that it sensationalizes the lowest moments of a person’s life for TV ratings.

The latest trailer starts with a woman crying and calling herself a “junkie.” Scenes of people nodding out, overdosing, and injecting heroin in Kensington are set to dramatic music, interspersed with more uplifting moments from the titular interventions.

“It’s a reality TV show — it’s meant to be dramatic, and sensationalizes what is really a health condition,” said Brooke Feldman, an advocate who manages a medication-assisted treatment center in South Philadelphia. Feldman, who is in recovery from an opioid addiction, said she had been approached by producers seeking advice when the show first began filming in the city. She declined.

Those who work on Intervention like Jim Reidy, say that their goal is to help people deep in addiction, while educating the public about the disease. When it premiered in 2005, it brought the concept of an intervention into the public consciousness like never before. It also meant big ratings for a network founded for more highbrow entertainments. It won an Emmy in 2009 for outstanding reality program.

In recent years, the show’s format has changed. It used to focus each episode on a different person with an addiction such as alcohol, gambling, opioids, or methamphetamine. This season is set in Kensington, the center of Philadelphia’s opioid crisis, and features nine people in addiction throughout the six episodes.

A similarly formatted season, on opioid use in Atlanta, aired last year.

“We’re looking for where the crisis is hitting the most,” said Ken Seeley, an interventionist on the show, who is in recovery from methamphetamine use. “The reason I’ve stayed with Intervention is that this is as real as it gets. The producers are just there documenting the truth. To see how devastating [Kensington] is is going to be an eye opener for the rest of the country.”

Actually, plenty of other national TV shows and reporters have descended on Kensington. Television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz’s visit to a Kensington heroin encampment in 2017 still draws intense criticism from community members. He showed people injecting drugs and promised to help them. The encampment was cleared months later, scattering its occupants around the community.

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