parents who drink too much

Parents who drink too much

When one or both parents who drink too much, their behavior negatively affects everyone in the family. Not only does drinking too much alcohol cause severe health problems, but it can also create financial, legal, professional, and relationship problems, too. In addition, it burdens children with tremendous worry. If you have parents who drink too much, read on to learn about what you can do to help your situation and how our team at Intervention 365 can help you.

Why Parents Drink Too Much

There are many reasons why a person becomes an alcoholic. Untreated depression and anxiety often co-occur alongside alcoholism. Some may drink to feel less shy, or because everyone else is doing it. In the most serious cases, a person drinks to avoid the withdrawal symptoms that occur when not drinking. It is important to understand why a person becomes an alcoholic in order to get to the root cause of the issue and help them treat their addiction. In many cases, there can be multiple causes. Alcoholism can also run in the family. This means a person who is related to another who drinks too much is more likely to drink too much herself. Keep in mind that not everyone who is related to a person who drinks too much will become addicted. There are many who struggle with alcoholism but are not related to anyone with a drinking problem. However, keep in mind that if alcoholism runs in your family you may be more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic yourself.  During the pandemic of Covid-19 being locked up in your home, or job loss do to Covid lockdowns is another reason why parents drink too much.

You Are Not Alone

Although children of alcoholics often feel alone, the truth is that millions of people in America and around the world suffer because someone they care for drinks too much. It is normal to feel embarrassed, angry, upset, and disappointed about alcoholism in your family. Alcohol abuse also causes people to do and say things they normally would not so your parent might lose their temper frequently, or even their job. You may have tried to hide alcohol or do other things to prevent your parent from drinking. Unfortunately, if your mom drinks too much and has become addicted to alcohol, she is no longer in control of herself and will often deny a problem exists. If you have tried to help your parent quit without success, it is not your fault. There are a lot of people who suffer from this same issue, and it is important to recognize that help is out there. Treatment centers like The Ranch PA are available to help you and your parents deal with the effects of alcoholism.

You Are Not Helpless

The good news is that you can get help for yourself. If your mom or dad drinks too much, there are many support groups that can help you and your family members stay safe; you may even be able to arrange an intervention for an alcoholic parent. Support groups are filled with people just like you, who may not feel safe or relaxed at home. The adults who run these groups have tremendous resources that can help you stay strong and teach you what to do if you feel afraid. You can also ask about how to get your parents into an alcohol rehab treatment program.

What Happens During Rehab

During rehab, qualified medical staff will help your mom or dad feel better when quitting. With help, your parent will stop drinking, sleep better, regain appetite, and start figuring out how to live life sober again. Hopefully, your parent will be anxious to make up any time that was tainted by alcoholism with a fresh start. Contact The Intervention 365 group to help both you and your parent find a fresh start. We are available at 888-972-8513

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James Reidy

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