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Welcome to New Jersey's premier Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services – your compass to hope, healing, and lasting recovery. Our team, led by the renowned interventionist Jim Reidy, brings over a decade of experience and a compassionate approach to guide individuals and families towards transformative change. We understand the significance of addressing mental health and addiction challenges, and we proudly serve the residents of New Jersey, including major cities like Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, and Trenton, among others.

At New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services, we firmly believe that healing extends beyond the individual struggling with mental health or addiction issues. Families play a vital role in the recovery process, and we prioritize providing comprehensive support to loved ones as well. Our family support services aim to address the emotional toll that addiction and mental health challenges can have on family dynamics.

We recognize that addiction and mental health struggles often create a ripple effect, impacting the well-being of family members profoundly. Our interventionists work closely with families during the intervention process, ensuring that their concerns, fears, and feelings are heard and validated. By fostering open communication and providing education about addiction and mental health, we empower families to play a proactive role in the recovery journey.

Meet Our Founder and Lead Interventionist Jim Reidy

As seen on A&E's hit television show "Intervention" Jim and his team of experienced of drug and alcohol interventionists are ready to serve you and your family in New Jersey. They will never give up and never surrender in your loved ones fight for their life!

"Enabling addiction is certainly loving your's just the wrong way"

Jim Reidy

Why Choose New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services?

  1. A&E Featured Interventionist: Our lead interventionist, Jim Reidy, has been featured on A&E, showcasing his expertise and dedication to empowering individuals on their journey to sobriety and mental well-being.
  2. Comprehensive Intervention Services: We offer a range of personalized intervention services, addressing mental health conditions and various substance addictions, including opioids, cocaine, and alcohol.
  3. Professional Guidance: Our certified interventionists bring empathy, understanding, and professional guidance to every intervention, creating a nurturing space for open dialogue and positive change.
  4. Family Support Services: We recognize the importance of family involvement and provide comprehensive support to families, helping them heal and rebuild alongside their loved ones.

10 Major Cities in New Jersey Benefiting from Intervention Services:

  1. Newark
  2. Jersey City
  3. Paterson
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Trenton
  6. Clifton
  7. Camden
  8. Passaic
  9. Union City
  10. Bayonne

Our Intervention Process:

  1. Assessment: We conduct thorough assessments to understand each individual's unique challenges, allowing us to tailor personalized intervention plans.
  2. Planning: Our interventionists work closely with families to create a structured and compassionate intervention plan, ensuring each member's concerns are heard and addressed.
  3. Intervention: With empathy and care, we conduct the intervention, encouraging the individual to recognize the impact of their struggles and embrace treatment.
  4. Treatment Connection: We collaborate with reputable treatment facilities to ensure a seamless transition to the appropriate level of care, offering a continuum of support.

Take the First Step Towards Healing:

If you or a loved one is facing mental health challenges or struggling with addiction in New Jersey, don't wait to reach out for help. Our team at New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services is here to be your beacon of hope. Embrace the transformative power of interventions, guided by our compassionate and experienced interventionists. Let us be your partner on the path to lasting recovery, mental well-being, and a brighter tomorrow. Contact us today to take the first step toward healing and positive change.

The Impact of Mental Health & Addiction Interventions: Stories of Transformation

At New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services, we firmly believe in the power of real-life stories to inspire and encourage those seeking help. Our compassionate interventionists have witnessed remarkable transformations, where individuals facing the darkest of struggles have emerged victorious on their path to recovery. Here are a few inspiring stories that showcase the profound impact of our interventions:

  1. From Darkness to Hope: Sarah's Journey to Sobriety Sarah, a resident of Jersey City, battled a severe opioid addiction for years. Her family, desperate to help her break free from the chains of addiction, turned to our intervention services. With empathy and unwavering support, our interventionist, Jim Reidy, guided the family through the intervention process. The result was nothing short of miraculous. Sarah chose treatment and embraced a new way of life, fostering hope, and healing for herself and her loved ones.
  2. A Road to Redemption: James' Triumph Over Alcoholism In the heart of Newark, James struggled with alcoholism, leaving his family in despair. Seeking a way to break through his denial, the family sought the expertise of our interventionists. With a Love First Approach, our team created a safe space for open communication during the intervention. Witnessing the genuine love and concern of his family, James accepted the help he desperately needed. Today, he is a living testament to the transformative power of interventions and stands as a beacon of hope for others in his community.
  3. Conquering Inner Demons: Emma's Triumph Over Anxiety Emma, a young woman from Paterson, battled debilitating anxiety, making it challenging for her to function in everyday life. Her family, committed to her well-being, turned to our mental health intervention services. Our interventionists provided a supportive environment for Emma to express her fears and struggles. With personalized treatment and ongoing family support, Emma made incredible strides in managing her anxiety and reclaiming her life with newfound confidence.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery

At New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services, we prioritize holistic well-being throughout the recovery journey. Our interventions not only address addiction and mental health concerns but also emphasize the importance of self-care, stress management, and healthy coping strategies. We believe that lasting recovery goes beyond sobriety; it encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Resources for Ongoing Support

Beyond interventions, we are committed to being a continuous source of support for our clients. Our website provides a wealth of educational resources, coping tools, and information about support groups in various New Jersey cities. We understand that recovery is a lifelong journey, and we aim to equip individuals and families with the tools they need to navigate challenges successfully.

Choosing Intervention 365: Your Path to Healing

When seeking Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services in New Jersey, our experience, compassion, and commitment set us apart. At Intervention 365, we are driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling with mental health and addiction. Our stories of transformation are not just anecdotes; they are a testament to the life-changing potential of interventions.

If you or someone you care about is in need of compassionate intervention services, look no further than New Jersey Mental Health & Addiction Intervention Services. Contact us today and take the first step towards healing, recovery, and a brighter future. Jim Reidy is one of the worlds most renowned addiction interventionist. Together, we can pave the way for transformative change and lasting well-being.

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